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Standard Hygiene Procedures continuing pre/post COVID-19


  • Makeup Kit, Tools, Surfaces, Lights, Chairs and all items involved in the service are sanitized with antibacterial/antiviral/fungicidal products before setting up and before and after each client.


  • All Brushes are washed in hot water and an antibacterial/antiviral/fungicidal soap, sprayed with 70% alcohol and allowed to dry in a clean, covered environment. After drying, each set is placed into a separate bag designated per client so there is zero chance of cross-contamination.


  • All tools aside from brushes are disinfectable stainless steel, OR disposable.


  • Hands, wrists, and forearms are washed for at least 20 seconds with hot water and antibacterial/antiviral soap, before EACH application and followed up with hand sanitizer.


  • One clean and disinfected brush set per client, so there is zero chance of cross-contamination


  • Never double dipping into any makeup products that cannot be sanitized or disinfected. Products will be scraped or scooped onto a clean disinfected palette


  • All touchup kits are kept separate to avoid cross-contamination


  • All bags are disinfected inside and out, as well all cases, wheels, and handles


  • All applicators are kept in covered containers when not in use


  • All eyeliners and lipliners are sanitized and disinfected before and after each use


  • Products will never be used straight from the original packaging, unless the product is being gifted directly afterwards to keep


  • All soiled tools are stored in a dry, sealed, labeled container to avoid cross-contamination


  • Regularly wiping down all surfaces, as well as regularly used items such a phones, keys, walkies, countertops

  • In use brushes will be kept in reusable bags that are disinfected with 70% alcohol after each use

Covid-19 Hygiene Procedures



Personal Hygiene
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